Maintenance Technician
Luther Seminary
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

Job Description

General Purpose:

Performs a variety of technical work in the day-to-day facilities operation, including preventive maintenance and repairs of mechanical equipment and other facility systems throughout the Luther Seminary properties. Provide support and training to others as needed.

Role and Responsibilities:

60% Mechanical Systems – Maintenance, Repair, and Operation

• Maintain, operate, repair, and water treatment testing of low-pressure steam boilers, hydronic boilers, and associated plumbing systems.

• Maintain, operate, and repair air handler units, exhaust fans, air conditioning units, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and refrigeration units, both commercial and residential.

• Maintain, operate, and repair residential-style forced air furnaces, hydronic boilers, air conditioners, and their associated systems.

• Operation, maintenance, and repair of pneumatic control and/or direct digital control systems as related to the temperature control of mechanical equipment and systems.

• Operation of the computerized Energy Management System (EMS) which applies to the temperature control of mechanical equipment and systems, including schedule management.

20% Other Systems, but not limited to – Maintenance, Repair, installation, and Operation

• Plumbing repairs and maintenance of drains, sinks, faucets, showers, toilets, flush valves, floor drains, water heaters, water softeners, and any auxiliary plumbing systems; required licensed plumbing needs are sourced with plumbing contractors.

• Carpentry repairs and maintenance of doors, windows, casework, drywall repairs, painting, and door hardware, such as handsets, keys/cores, and power operators.

• Appliance repairs of commercial and residential varieties.

• Non-license electrical tasks; required licensed electrical needs are provided by electrical contractors.

10% CMMS Utilization

• View all tasks, work orders, work requests, and PMs.

• Manage task priority so the right work gets done first.

• Provide detailed instructions with pictures, files, parts, checklists, and more.

• Report KPIs such as completed work, time spent, planned vs. unplanned tasks, and more.

• Complete work orders as assigned and promptly.

• Modify, enhance, and/or create PMs as necessary.

10% Facilities Operations Support

• Help maintain emergency routes, fire exits, ADA code compliance, OSHA Requirements, and overall environmental, health and safety.

• Help protect the internal and external environment for all students, employees, and guests of Luther Seminary.

• Assist with seasonal grounds duties, as needed.

• Assist with custodial duties, as needed.

• Assist vendors as needed.

• Other duties as assigned.

A. Commitment to Luther Seminary's Mission, Vision, and Welcome Statement. We are a Christ-focused graduate school, preparing ministers for the Church and the world.

B. Desirable education and experience:

• Formal technical trade(s) education or apprenticeship in HVAC, mechanical maintenance, or equal, preferred.

• Five years of hands-on experience in mechanical systems maintenance, operation, and repair.

• Two years of experience in multiple additional building trades.

• A valid and clear MN driver's license

• High school graduate or equivalent.

• Minnesota 1st Class C boiler license or higher.

• EPA Universal Refrigeration Certificate.

C. Desired knowledge, skills, and abilities:

• Ability to lift 40 pounds; team assist with higher.

• Ability to perform industry standard physical requirements to perform all associated duties.

• Ability to learn and successfully use the Luther Seminary technology tools.

• Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner with limited supervision.

• Ability to do general maintenance and knowledge of general tools and their appropriate use.

• Familiarity with higher education and its general organizational structure.

• Familiarity with mainline Christian organizations is helpful.

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Salary Range:

$30.00 - $35.00

Employment/Position Type:

Full Time
Date Posted : 05/25/2023